Undergraduate Students - Withdrawal from University

A student planning to withdraw from the University is strongly encouraged to first discuss the matter and
seek advice from the School Academic Counsellor/Pastoral Care Manager/NTU Medical Centre/University Wellbeing Centre.

Students may contact the University Wellbeing Centre at 6790 4462 or email UWCstudents@ntu.edu.sg for
professional counselling services relating to emotional or personal issues. Please click here for more


Submission of Withdrawal Notifications

A matriculated student must formally notify the University of his intention to withdraw from studies
through the Online Notification to Withdraw (OWN) system via StudentLINK> Administrative Matters>
Withdrawal Notification.

The withdrawal will take effect from the date of endorsement by the University, and stated in the official
notification sent to the student’s NTU email account. Pending the receipt of the official notification/ effective
withdrawal date, you are still considered a current student of the University and will be required to attend
the lessons/ assessments/ examinations.

A student’s access to the University’s resources and facilities shall cease immediately after the withdrawal
has taken effect.  A student who has ceased his candidature with the University shall have no automatic right of readmission to the University.



A student who submits his withdrawal notification after Teaching Week 2 of a semester will be liable to pay
tuition and miscellaneous fees for the entire semester.

Please settle all liabilities with the University such as fees, financial loans and fines:

Outstanding fees and financial loans

Email NSS-Finance at ubs@ntu.edu.sg on further queries.

Library fines/ loans

For queries, please contact the NTU Library or NIE Library respectively.  


For full-time International students or Singapore Permanent Residents who have signed the Tuition Grant Agreement with the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry will be contacting you on the amount of liquidated damages that you are liable for. Please refer to MOE website at https://tgonline.moe.gov.sg/docs/TG-FAQ-AUs.pdf for more information, or contact them at moe_tgonline@moe.gov.sg if you have further questions.


Surrender of Student Pass and Matriculation Card

The following items must be surrendered within 7 days of cessation of studies. If you are returning them in person, please login to make an online appointment at the One Stop portal ahead of your visit.


  •  Student Pass
     International Students holding Student Pass must surrender the pass at the Immigration
     & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA) for cancellation.


  •  Matriculation Card
     Please return the items at One Stop @ SAC, either in person or via mail.


           It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a full refund of any stored value in their matriculation
           card before returning the card to the University. Please seek refund at either the TransitLINK
           Ticket office (maximum refund of $100) or via DBS/POSB/ OCBC/ UOB ATMs. Otherwise, the cash
           value in the matriculation card would be forfeited. Once the refund process has been performed, the
           e-wallet of the card will be permanently de-activated from usage. For more details on the refund of
           your Nets FlashPay card, please click here.

  •  Any other items belonging to the University

For enquiries on the withdrawal process, please send an email to matric@ntu.edu.sg.

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