Change of Personal Particulars

For Undergraduate Students:

Throughout their studies, students are responsible for keeping their personal particulars updated in the University's records in a timely manner. The University will not be accountable for delayed or lost correspondence due to incorrect or outdated students' addresses or contacts.

It is also important to ensure that your contact numbers as well as your next-of-kin/ guardian's are up-to-date so that the University may reach you/ them, in the event of an emergency. 

Before Matriculation:

Applicants or freshmen who have yet to matriculate are to notify the Office of Admissions of changes in their particulars at (local qualifications) or (international qualifications).

After Matriculation:

1. Update of Addresses, Phone numbers and Emergency Contacts

Matriculated students can verify or update changes to their personal particulars such as addresses, contact numbers or next-of-kin/ guardian's details, via StudentLINK -> Administrative Matters -> Change of Personal Particulars. 

The particulars that students update should be true, accurate and complete.  Students will bear any possible consequence arising from inaccurate, incomplete or false information given or any omission of information required.

For contact numbers, students should update Singapore-listed contact(s), unless they are overseas for an extended period of time such as for exchange programme, internship, vacation or during their semester-long leave of absence. Students are to omit the Singapore country code when updating a local-listed handphone number, otherwise, they may not be able to receive SMS notifications from the University.

2. Update of Name/ Citizenship/ NRIC or Passport Number

For such changes, students are to login to One Stop portal and make an online appointment ahead of their visit.  Students need to produce the relevant original document(s) and student matriculation card in person for verification at One Stop @ SAC within 5 working days of the effective change. Please note that the photocopies of supporting document(s) will not be accepted.


Information to be updated ​Original document(s) to be furnished

​Change of Name

(see note i)

​International students:

  • Passport (non-Malaysians)/ Identity card (for Malaysians)


Singaporeans/ Singapore PR:

  • Deed Poll

​Change to Singapore Citizenship

(see note ii)

  • ​Pink NRIC or
  • Singapore Passport or
  • NRIC collection slip issued by Singapore Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or
  • Certificate of Singapore Citizenship

​Change to Singapore PR Status

(see note ii)

  • ​Entry Permit (Form 5A) AND
  • Re-entry Permit (Form 7) AND
  • Blue NRIC or NRIC collection slip issued by ICA

​Change of Passport Number

(applicable only to International students who are non-Malaysians)

  • ​New Passport
​Change in Marital Status
  • ​Marriage Certificate


Important Notes:

(i) Students who are in their final semester of study are reminded to submit changes to their particulars (specifically name and NRIC/ passport number) and the supporting documents prior to the release of results of their final examinations. After the final results have been released, the particulars that are in the University's records will be frozen and will be used for the printing of the final transcripts and degree certificates.


Upon Graduation:

To stay connected, alumni can submit changes to their personal particulars to the Alumni Affairs Office.


(ii) For changes in citizenship, students are to submit the full set of original supporting document(s) in person at One Stop @ SAC by the following deadline, for the revised tuition fee rate to be effected for the relevant semester. Beyond the deadline, the revised tuition fee will be effected in the following semester:


​Adjustment of Fees for ​Deadline
​Semester 1 or 2​End of 3rd Teaching Week of the relevant semester
​Special Terms​End of final Teaching Week of the preceding Semester 2


Please click relevant websites for details on tuition fee and academic calendar.



For Undergraduate Exchange Students:

Please click here to update your personal particulars. For further queries, please write to


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