Special Term for Returning NSmen

1. Special Term AY2019-20 Schedule

Click here for the Academic Calendar.

2. List of Courses Offered & Course Content

Please note that the courses offered are subject to changes.

3. How to Register Your Courses

a. Matriculate online and click ‘Course Registration for Special Term’.

The courses that are offered to you for both Special Terms I and II will be displayed.

b. Select the index number and class timetable of the courses that you intend to take. Tick the checkbox against the courses selected.

You may take up to 4 courses for the 2 special terms combined.

You will not be able to submit your selection if there is a clash in the class or examination timetables of the courses selected. Please refer to the examination timetable before you select your courses.

Please note the following timeline:

Wed, 18 March to Sun, 22 March 2020(System is available from 10am to 10pm)

-  During this period, you may submit your course selection or amend the courses that you have earlier submitted.  All submitted courses will be placed on waiting list.

-  Each time you amend your submission, an acknowledgement page detailing the latest list of courses that you place on waiting list will be issued.

-  You will be allocated courses based on the availability of places.

Mon, 30 March to Fri, 3 April 2020
(System is available from 10am to 10pm)

​Please click here to check the outcome of your course request. If you are allocated courses, you are to confirm whether you accept them and indicate your mode of fee payment.  Several payments options are available at the 'Acknowledgement of Courses and Fee Payment' page.

The allocated courses will only be registered officially after payment is made.

There is no de-registration of courses and no refund after official registration, as the place in the course has been reserved for you.

4. Conduct of Classes and Examinations

In AY2019, Special Term I and Special Term II classes and examinations will be conducted in e-mode. There will be no on-campus classes and examinations.

5. Special Term Fees

The special term fees will be based on the year that students first accepted a place in the University. For more details on tuition fees, please click here.

6. Enquiries

​For Enquiries on:Refer to Website:
​Course PaymentOne Stop@SAC
​Tuition Fee Billing and GIRO ApplicationNSS Finance - Undergraduate Billings
Financial Schemes NSS Finance - Financial Assistance

Office of Admissions - Undergraduate Scholarships

Programme CurriculumSchool Registration Advisors


7.  Grade Point Average (GPA) Grading System

Click here for more details on grading system, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option and Freshmen Year GPA Exemption.

8.  Minor Programmes

The electives offered in the special terms may also be courses in a minor programme. Please click here for the list of minor programmes and the course requirements.

For information on NTU academic structure for its undergraduate programme, please click Academic Unit System.

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