NTU MOOC - Application for Transfer of Credits (for Freshmen)

NTU Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

- Application for Transfer of Credits for Freshmen

Freshmen who have passed NTU MOOC taken under the Signature Track in Coursera prior to matriculating with NTU, and have obtained a verified certificate (VC) may apply to transfer the credits earned towards fulfilling the academic unit (AU) requirement of their degree. Freshmen must have completed the MOOC prior to April 2016 and the certificates must have been issued within the last 3 years. Application must be made in the first semester of their enrolment in NTU.

Existing students will have their credits transferred automatically once they are eligible and therefore do not have to apply.

1. Applicable MOOC 

​NTU MOOC in Coursera ​Credit Transfer to NTU ​
Signature Track passed with Verified Certificate (VC)Offered PeriodCoursesAU
​An Exploration of Symmetry: Beauty, Form and Function​Feb 2014 to Apr 2015MS800M Beauty, Form and Function: An Exploration of Symmetry​3
An Exploration of Symmetry (Eligible for NTU Credit)​Aug 2015 to Apr 2016MS800M An Exploration of Symmetry​3
​Introduction to Forensic Science​May 2014 to Nov 2015CM8012 Introduction to Forensic Science2

You can transfer the credits to fulfil your AU requirements for either GER Prescribed Elective (GERPE) or Unrestricted Elective (UE).

2. Application procedures

​(a)​Login to Coursera and share your ‘Sharable Verification Page’. Then copy the two urls provided.
​(b)E​mail your request to transfer credits to your School, providing the two urls and indicating the  course type (GERPE or UE) for credits to be transferred to. Your School will use the unique urls to verify the authenticity of the certificate.
​(c)​Once processed, the MOOC transferred and the equivalent AU will be recorded in your degree audit and final transcript.


How to share your ‘Sharable Verification Page’

U​pon login, click on User name located at the top right corner. Select Course Records.
Click on Sharable Verification Page.
Click on Share. Copy out both URL links to send to your School.




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