Academic Unit System (AUS)

The University‚Äôs academic structure for its undergraduate programmes is based on the Academic Unit System. The system provides opportunities for students to broaden their learning experience and progress at a pace most suited to their individual needs while maintaining high academic standards.

The main features of the Academic Unit System are the semester arrangement of the academic year and the use of academic units (AU) for measuring academic workload.

AUS Handbook

AUS Handbook AY2017-18
(in PDF)

Table of Contents

Academic Calendar

Academic Units

Curricular Requirements
(1) Curriculum Structure
(2) Pre-requisites
(3) Academic Structure
(4) Period of Candidature
(5) Classification of Students
(6) Graduation and Residential Requirements
(7) Transfer of Academic Units

Registration of Courses
(1) Student Automated Registration System
(2) Outstanding Fees
(3) Add/Drop Courses
(4) Academic Load
(5) Restricted Repeat

Examinations and Grades
(1) Examinations
(2) Grading Systems
(3) Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option
(4) Freshmen Year GPA Exemption
(5) Classification of Degree
(6) Academic Standing
(7) Dean's List

Past Handbooks

Classification of Students

For Students Admitted in AY2017-18

Classification for Students Admitted before AY2017-18

Summary of Academic Unit Requirements

Students Admitted to Year 1 in AY2017-18
Direct Entry Students Admitted in AY2017-18

Academic Unit Requirements for Students Admitted before AY2017-18

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