The transcript is an official permanent academic record which contains all courses and grades obtained by a student during his or her period of study at NTU.

Students on completion of their degree requirements will receive an original hard copy of their transcript together with their degree certificate at the Convocation. For those who are graduating in Semester 1, they will be issued the original hard copy of their transcript about 5 weeks after the release of examination results.

An electronic transcript (eTranscript) will also be issued after the release of the hard copy transcript. Notification of eTranscript retrieval will be sent to graduates' NTU email account.

Applying for Additional Copies of Transcripts

For additional copies of transcripts, click here

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Electronic Transcript (eTranscript)

The eTranscript is digitally signed and certified by NTU. NTU eTranscripts are considered official and valid only in their certified PDF electronic form.

The eTranscript is to be viewed through Adobe Reader versions 6.0 or higher or through Adobe Acrobat version 6.04 or higher. The latest Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from

Additional copies of NTU eTranscript is currently available only for those who graduated in 2008 and after.

For more information on eTranscript, please see FAQ for eTranscript.

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Steps to Applying Additional Transcripts Online

For a step-by-step guide to applying for additional transcripts online, please click here.

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Modes of Collection

In the online transcript application system, you may choose to collect the hard copy transcript as follows:

Collect personally from *One Stop @ SAC

[You may authorise a proxy to collect the transcripts on your behalf. Please provide him/her with a signed letter of authorisation.] Click here to print authorisation letter.

Sent to you by registered mail


 *One Stop @ SAC
50 Nanyang Avenue
NS3-01-03 Academic Complex North
Singapore 639798

 Counter Service Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday (9 am-5 pm), Friday (9 am-4.30 pm)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday


For eTranscript, a notification email will be sent to the intended recipients with instructions for online retrieval. Each recipient is allowed up to 3 downloads for a period of 30 days. Retrieval will be disabled after 3 downloads or upon expiry of retrieval period.

Charges and Processing Time

A nominal fee is imposed for additional copies of transcript. Please refer to the table below for the charges:

Hard copy transcript (per copy, excluding GST)

eTranscript (per email recipient, excluding GST)




Current students



Others (e.g. did not complete programme)



Students in Non-Graduating Programmes




No refund will be given for non-collection (within 2 months of request) or non-retrieval (upon expiry of 30 days retrieval period) of transcripts/eTranscripts ordered.

Hard copy transcript will be ready for collection or mailing 5 working days from the day of receipt of payment by the Office of Academic Services. If you have opted for the transcript to be mailed to you, please take note of the additional mailing time and postage charges:


Mailing time


Local address via registered mail

Approximately 2 to 3 working days


Overseas address via registered mail

Approximately 7 to 10 working days



eTranscript orders are generally processed within 1 working day. However, additional processing time (up to 3 working days) will be required if the order requires additional forms to be completed by the Office of Academic Services which are to be sent with the eTranscript.

Outstanding Tuition Fees

For graduates or students with outstanding tuition fees, please note that your transcript request will not be processed until you have settled your fees.

Modes of Payment

For hard copy transcript, you can choose to pay by the following modes of payments.


Credit Card


Bank Draft / Cashier’s Order

Cash Card / EZ-Link



One Stop @ SAC

Online Payment (in application)





By Post





All payment must be made with the ‘acknowledgement page’ from the online application. Please note that payment by cash will not be accepted from 15 July 2013 as the University moves towards cashless payment.

Payment by crossed cheque, bank draft/cashier’s order is to be issued to “Nanyang Technological University”. Please indicate your name, matriculation number, NRIC number, contact number and payment purpose on the reverse. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

Payments by post are to be sent to:
One Stop @ SAC
Nanyang Technological University
50 Nanyang Avenue
NS3-01-03 Academic Complex North
Singapore 639798

For eTranscript, only e-payment online with credit card is available.

Transcript Sample

A sample of a typical transcript can be seen in the following link:

Ø Hard copy transcript

Ø eTranscript


If you have any enquiries regarding the application for additional copies of transcripts, please contact OAS.


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