Rules & Regulations


Students' Responsibility and Conduct

​1.1​Students are responsible for seeking academic advice, for knowing and meeting degree requirements, and for enrolling in appropriate courses to ensure systematic and timely progress toward their degree.
​1.2​Students must fulfil all the requirements of their registered courses including coursework, assignments and examinations, and will be graded. This applies to all courses including mandatory courses such as English Proficiency where no academic unit is awarded, and courses taken on Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading.

​Students are to use Student Automated Registration System (STARS) to register their courses. Any attempt to circumvent, disrupt or otherwise affect the system of allocation of places to themselves or other students is not allowed.

Examples include but are not limited to the use of unauthorised software to gain unfair advantage in registration, making a false declaration, tampering of records of another student, and buying and selling of courses. Such acts will be deemed as contravening the Student Code of Conduct and will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

  • Students do not have the propriety rights over the courses. The buying and selling of courses by students is therefore prohibited.
  • ​It is important that NTU students conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is befitting of students and worthy of the good name of the University. If you are found to have undertaken any of the above prohibited acts, the University will de-register all electives (GER PE/UE) that are in your registration records for the semester concerned. This would be regardless of whether you have registered the electives on your own, with the help of the School, through the allocation system or appeal system. In addition, you will be given a low priority in the next allocation of electives. The University will also not hesitate to take other necessary disciplinary actions against such conduct.
​1.4Students are not to hold on to their places in any classes if they have no wish to read the course. They are to withdraw from the places early so that these places may be released to the other students.


Students are to leave the STARS environment once they have completed their registration. This is to ease the load on the network.

2. Registration of Courses
​2.1 ​Registration of courses has to be only done through STARS during your scheduled registration date and time.
​2.2 ​Students who join any classes without registration through STARS will not be allowed to take the examination for the course(s) involved.
​2.3 ​Students are to attend only the classes that they have officially registered for. If they are registered for an index number '12345' but instead attend the classes for index number '54321', they may risk not having your coursework component recorded even though both index numbers may be for the same course.
​2.4 ​Students are also not allowed to change the index number of their courses after the Add/Drop period.
​2.5 ​Students who are on internship/attachment will not be allowed to register for any course even if the classes are conducted in the evening.
​2.6 ​The University will not accept any registration of course through the course coordinator/tutor. All courses registered must be officially recorded in STARS.
​2.7 Students are to check their courses registered in StudentLink (select 'Course Registration (STARS)', then 'Print/Check Courses Registered') and not in NTULearn, at the end of the Add/Drop period to ensure that their records are correct.
3.De-registration of Courses
3.1 ​De-registration of courses through the course coordinators/tutors are not accepted. All courses recorded in STARS are official.
​3.2 ​All requests to de-register courses beyond the Add/Drop period must be submitted to the Schools' Registration Coordinators or the Office of Academic Services for review. Such requests must be on exceptional grounds (eg. medical or compassionate reason) and must be accompanied with supporting documents.
​3.3A student who is still registered for a course after the Add/Drop period but did not subsequently sit for the examination will be deemed to have read and failed the course. 'F' grade will appear on his official transcript.
4.Clearance of Outstanding Fees
4.1 ​Students are required to clear any outstanding fees prior to course registration in order to register for courses.
​4.2 ​Payment is to be made to the One Stop @ SAC (Student Activities Centre) by the timeline given in the reminder letter. This has to be made at least 3 working days before your scheduled date of registration as your records will only be updated 2-3 working days after payment is made.
​4.3 ​Students are advised to approach the NSS Finance Financial Aid (, 6790 5140/5060 or Student Services Centre Level 5) to apply for any possible financial assistance scheme if they face financial difficulties to clear the outstanding tuition fees.
​4.4For outstanding hostel rental fees, they may also write to  NSS Finance (

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