Format of final thesis

    The final thesis, after examination and amendments (if any), must be submitted in the form given below:

    (1)        Each copy must be in international size A4 (210mm x 297mm);

    (2)        Each page must have a margin of 3.7cm to allow for binding, if necessary;

    (3)        The thesis must be preceded by the following in the order given, all of which must be in the final thesis:

                     i. Title Page

                     ii. Statement of Originality  }

                     iii. Supervisor Declaration Statement }               Research Integrity - Theses / Dissertations

                     iv. Authorship Attribution Statement }

                     v. Acknowledgements

                     vi. Table of Contents

                     vii. Summary

    (4)        The title and author's name must be given in block letters on the cover of the thesis;

    (5)        Pages must be numbered in one continuous sequence in arabic numerals. Where a thesis consists of more than one volume, one sequence must be used.
    1. For Title Page, please ensure the following sentence “A thesis submitted to the Nanyang Technological University in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of <degree name>” is included as shown in the sample format.

    2. For the Thesis Declaration Statements (Statement of Originality, Supervisor Declaration Statement & Authorship Attribution Statement), please include your name, date (in dd/mm/yyyy format) and signature.

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