Registration of Courses

Notice for Semester 2, Academic Year 2020-2021 


For students enrolled to programmes listed here, please refer to the School's/Programme webpage or contact the School for course registration periods and class timetable. 
  1. All graduate students are to register for themselves the course(s) they wish to study via the Graduate Course Registration System within the stipulated course registration period. It is the responsibility of all students to check and ensure that the courses are correctly registered.

  2. Students who fail to register a course within the registration period and yet proceed to attend classes in that course will not be allowed to take the examination in that course, or no grade will be awarded to the course if it is one that has no formal examination.

  3. Students with outstanding fees will not be allowed to register for courses.

  4. Students are reminded to check their student email account and GSLINK regularly as important messages regarding registration of courses or changes to the timetable will be conveyed to them through the system.

  5. Please be reminded that it is a serious offence to tamper with the registration record of another student. Disciplinary action will be taken for such an offence that may result in suspension or expulsion from the University

  6. Please click here to proceed to Graduate Course Registration System.

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