Student Care

​​​​​​Throughout your journey here at NTU, it is important to take good care of yourself in terms of your overall wellbeing, and to observe good conduct and discipline.  We at the Student Affairs Office are here to guide you by providing useful information and advisory to help you look after your personal life while excel in your study.  You are encouraged to read them in detail before embarking on your university journey.

As a start, HERE are some dos and don'ts ​​​of being an NTU student.

Picture of a stethoscope. Click on image to go to "Your Health & Safety".


Emergency Contact Details




relating to your Health & Safety



Picture of a lady looking at a document while holding a pen. Click on image to go to "Policies and Codes concerning students".


Policies and Codes concerning students




for your Guidance, Protection and Well-being



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