The Mr and Mrs Kwok Chin Yan Award for Student Initiative is an annual award that recognises student initiatives which have made significant contributions towards enhancement of student life, the improvement of the campus environment or the betterment of the larger community in the preceding year.


Award recipients will receive the following:

  1. Certificate
  2. Cash award of $2,000
    • 50% of the cash award may be used at the student organisation's discretion
    • The balance of 50% of the cash may be used at the discretion of the team members whose names are listed on the nomination form



To be eligible for this Award, nominees must be student organisations that come under the purview of the Student Affairs Office.

Student initiatives nominated for the Award must have taken place between 13 August 2018 to 11 August 2019.

Student organisations that have faced disciplinary actions in the last two years will not be eligible for the Award.


Nomination Process

All nominations are now closed.

Nominees must complete the official nomination form and all nominations require endorsement by a nominator, which could be a NTU staff, faculty or student leader. Self-nomination is not allowed.



Nomination period18 June – 19 August 2019
Award ceremony20 September 2019


Nominations must be received by Monday, 19 August 2019, 8.00am. Nomination is considered complete only after it has been duly endorsed by the President of the student organisation and the nominator. Late submissions will not be entertained and all received nomination forms will be treated as final and cannot be amended.


Award Evaluation

Nominations will be evaluated by a panel consisting of at least two staff/faculty members and one immediate past student leader.


Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please click FAQ.


Other Awards

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