There are 4 student activities hubs on campus that cater to the various social and recreational needs of students.

​​​​​​Nanyang House (NYH)

The Nanyang House is located along Nanyang Hill. It is a buzz stop for student activities with various types of facilities and equipment available for booking by student organisations. 

  • NYH Opening Hours: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm (Mondays to Fridays)

                                             8.00 am to 1.00 pm (Saturdays)


  • NYH General Office Operating Hours: 1.00 pm to 5.45 pm (Mondays to Thursdays)

                                                                       1.00 pm to 5.15 pm (Fridays)Nanyang House.jpg


  • Meeting Rooms
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Function Room
  • Dance Studio
  • Dance Rooms
  • Music Studio
  • Music Rooms
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Billiard Room


To borrow equipment:

  1. Read through the Rules and Regulations to use Nanyang House's facilities and equipment.
  2. Email the completed form to Nanyang House at
To book the facilities:
  1. Read through the Rules and Regulations to use Nanyang House's facilities and equipment.
  2. The student organisation's logistic personnel has to access HERE.
  3. Refer to the user guide for more information. Note: You must upload your OIC's event approval email via the online booking system.


For further enquiries, email Nanyang House at


Student Activities Centre (SAC)

SAC is located at North Spine, below Lee Wee Nam Library and adjacent to the Global Lounge. It offers interactive space across 1,500 square metres. Students can head to the study zone in between classes, for some quiet reading and self-reflection, or book a meeting room for group discussions. SAC is open from 11.30am to 8.30pm from Mondays to Fridays. (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays).



  • Lounge
  • Console games ($1/hour)
  • Board Games
  • Billiard Table
  • Secretariat rooms for the Students' Union and the Non-academic Constituent Clubs
  • Common meeting rooms


For booking, refer to the instructions found in the NTUSU website. For further enquiries, email  


Yunnan Corner

Yunnan Corner is located at 3 Student Walk, between Canteen 1 and 2. It contains meeting rooms, a studio, a dance studio and a common work space which is transformable and can house up to 100 students at any time.​ It opens daily from 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm. (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays).

Yunnan Corner.jpg


  • Console games ($1/hour)
  • Board Games
  • Foosball Table
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Electronic Dart boards


For booking, refer to the instructions found on the NTUGSA website. For further enquiries, email



​Global Lounge

The Global Lounge is located at North Spine, next to Canopy Stage. It is a hub for interaction and cultural activities. It aims to stimulate cross-cultural learning and facilitate the global learning environment. It opens from 11.30am to 8.30pm from Mondays to Fridays(Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays).

Global Lounge.jpg

  • 9 TV Screens
  • 20 individual systems for visual entertainment


For further enquiries, email

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