Inclusion & Integration (U.n.I Friends) Camp

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Below are some feedbacks and comments from the camp participants:

“I think as a group we learned how to practice inclusion by making sure everyone is included in our team efforts, no one gets left behind. When we respect one another, everyone is comfortable contributing their opinions, skills, experiences, etc., which was really nice to see!”

“I enjoyed the water activities most, even though it was something I dreaded at the start, it became exciting when the whole team got involved together.”

“I like dining in the dark session and the raft making. Really nice experience. Thanks for the organisation!”

“The most interesting and memorable learning points for me from this camp were the disability simulations and training to gain a greater awareness of the experiences of special needs individuals.”

“I enjoyed the amazing race as it incorporated the elements such as braille, sign language and physical disabilities. It also gave us the opportunity to bond with the team through teamwork.”

“Water games were fun as elements of team work, overcoming ones fears and improvisational skills were implemented in troves throughout the day. Also greatly appreciated the efforts by SAO in planning activities to help us understand better people with special needs.”

“Throughout the camp, I strongly feel the enthusiasm from all the participants. Really feel the team spirit. Besides, I also learn to be trusting when I was blindfolded and was about to jump from the jetty. Get to know the difference between inclusion and integration.”

"I learned to communicate effectively with other team members and work accordingly to my strengths."

"I enjoyed how every team member could use their strengths in different areas during activities, something as simple as making a roller coaster required designers, builders, artists and idea generators etc. The morning talk on inclusivity was also useful in understanding more on people with special needs."


During the Focus Group Discussion, camp participants were asked to share their thoughts on the inclusion and integration activities and programmes in NTU. Students presented on the challenges, recommendations and resources for new, current and graduating students.

Participants shared that they hope to see joint collaborations among student clubs, hall councils and SAO.

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