Discover & Develop a Multicultural & Inclusive Mindset

​​​​​Now that you've had a taste of what life in NTU and Singapore has to offer, what's next? Come on down and join us in giving back to the community, and explore new horizons as you step out of your comfort zone to meet new friends, and reach further in your journey towards personal development and growth.

Photo of a group of students at the Purple Parade.

​​Photo of a group of U.n.I Friends posing for the camera whilst swimming in a lake.

​​​You and I (U.n.I) Friends Programme

Do you want to be a globetrotter with an inclusive mindset? Are you looking for like-minded friends? Look no further! Apply for the You and I (U.n.I) Friends Programme by clicking HERE!

As an honorary U.n.I Friend, you get to play an active role in promoting the NTU-4i's of Inclusion, Integration, Internationalisation, and Inter-cultural skills within the NTU community.

For more details on the recent Inclusion & Integration (U.n.I Friends) Camp 2018, please click HERE.    

Photo of a group of students being briefed during a U.n.I Community Involvement Programme.

U.n.I ​Community Involvement Programme (CIP)

Get engaged with us and your fellow peers in our Community Involvement Programmes and start giving back to society today! No prior CIP experience required.

Foodmania pic.jpg


Discover the wonderful unique flavours of food across the globe through the Foodmania series, where we take your taste buds on a trip across diverse culinary landscapes! In collaboration with GSC and NTUSU through Confluence, Foodmania shares fun and interesting food facts on dishes from different parts of the world. 

Click HERE for some fun facts on food items representing ten ASEAN member states.

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