Adapt & Embrace Cultural Diversity

​​​As a freshman, it can be daunting and overwhelming as you transit into University life. Woffer a range of fun-filled activities to help you adapt to Campus life in NTU and in Singapore.

Photo of a group of students at Thian Hock Keng Temple.

Click HERE for the Student Guidebook​Front cover image of the New Student Guidebook. Click to access the "New Student Guidebook".
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Image of the NTU Campus Map. Click to access the "NTU Campus Map".

Photo of a group of new students attending a presentation during an Orientation Briefing.

Orientation Briefings
​​​Useful information to get you started with University life and life in Singapore. Plus, a great place to meet and hang-out with your fellow University-mates!

Photo of a group of students having a meal at a hawker centre in Jurong.

Embark on a fascinating heritage and cultural tour of NTU and Singapore, and experience the Singapore public transportation system while touring the neighbouring Jurong heartlands.

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Photo of two students standing side by side in front of the Thian Hock Keng Temple.

U.n.I ​Local & International Friendship Experience (LIFE)
Unsure of the local customs or life at NTU? Pair up with a friendly U.n.I LIFE Ambassador who will guide and point you in the right direction where needed to help make your stay here a pleasant, inclusive, and memorable one.
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