Dress Code for Staff and Students on Campus

Dress Code for Staff
All staff members are expected to report for work in appropriate attire and maintain a hairstyle that gives an appearance of neatness and decorum. Inappropriate clothing and the wearing of a mask/veil or any apparel which prevents the ready identification of the staff member is prohibited. In addition, any unkempt hairstyle should be avoided.

Dress Code for Students
To maintain the good image of the University, students are reminded to be appropriately attired in a manner befitting the status of university students as well as the occasion, when you are on campus.
You should dress appropriately in lecture theatres / tutorial rooms / laboratories / workshops / library / offices. For example,

  • Clothing
    - you must not expose your midriff, chest, upper thigh or show visible cleavage or undergarment
    - you must not wear clothes that are transparent (see-through)
    - your clothes must not bear any vulgar, offensive or obscene prints or language
  • Footwear
    - you must not wear flip-flops or slippers (thong sandals are allowed unless proscribed)

For security purposes, students must be readily identifiable at all times with their faces uncovered. Students shall not wear anything that prevents ready identification such as full-face motorcycle helmets, masks or veils.

In addition to the above, students shall adhere to the safety guidelines issued by their respective Schools on appropriate attire and footwear for laboratories/ workshops.

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