International Undergraduate Students 

All full-time international undergraduate students intending to take up part-time or vacation jobs, in and outside of NTU, should read the following information below:



  • Part-time employment during Term Time and Vacation
SchemesVacation Employment Scheme​Term-time Employment Scheme​
​Undergraduates who are Singaporean or SPR
  • No "Letter of Endorsement" is required​


  • Can work more than 16 hours per week
  • No "Letter of Endorsement" is required


  • Can work more than 16 hours per week​
​Undergraduates who are on Student's Pass
  • No "Letter of Endorsement" is required


  • Can work more than 16 hours per week
  • Must first obtain a "Letter of Endorsement" from One Stop @ SAC of the University before commencement of part-time work


  • Must not work more than 16 hours per week


Terms and Conditions

  • Full-time international undergraduate students are allowed to work 16 hours per week during term time.  They are allowed to work 40 hours per week during the vacation.





  • Students on Industrial Attachment/Professional Attachment/Professional Internship/Practicum are not allowed to work part-time.


  • Students are encouraged to not miss lectures, tutorials or laboratory sessions if they are allowed to work.


  • Students must not work in disreputable establishments.


Application procedure:



  • You will be informed by email of the outcome of your application within 3-5 working days. If successful, the approval email that includes the letter of endorsement will be emailed to you through the Part-time Employment Application System by One Stop.


  • A fresh application is necessary whenever there is a change of employment.





  • For those seeking jobs within NTU, check out the "Work Study Scheme" for jobs available at various NTU offices.


  • As stated in the CPF (Exemption-Miscellaneous) (Consolidation) (Amendment) Order 1997, all matriculated or registered students of NTU employed for training approved by the University are exempted from making mandatory CPF contributions.


  • As provided by the employment of Foreign Workers Act (Chapter 91A, Section 4), Work Permit (Exemption) (Consolidation) Notification, application for work permit is not required, if anyone employs or wishes to employ a foreign worker, aged 14 years and above, who is a full-time matriculated student of NTU and who is on vacation.


  • Please refer to the MOM website to know more about the Work Pass exemption for Student Pass holders.  Self-sourced or unofficial internship (which are not approved by the schools) are subjected to CPF contributions for NTU students.


For further clarification, please email One Stop @ SAC at Ask One Stop or call +65 6790 6823.

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