Lost & Found Services

‚ÄčImportant notice

  • One Stop @ SAC will store "lost and found" items only for a period of one month.
  • Subject always to the provision in Clause 1 above, if rightful owners fail, refuse and/or neglect to claim any items within the aforesaid one-month period, then the University at its absolute discretion shall be entitled to use, retain and/or dispose the items as deemed fit.
  • In any event, neither the University nor its staff shall be liable or accountable to anyone in any way for the place, method and/or length of storage and/or the use, retention and/or disposal of any of the items.


Lodging of loss of items

Students or staff who have lost their items in campus may lodge a report with One Stop @ SAC by emailing mlcham@ntu.edu.sg and majoriekoh@ntu.edu.sg.

You will only be notified by email if your items have been found.


Note: Please contact our Campus Security at 6790 5200 if you have reason/s to believe that an offence of theft or dishonest misappropriation of property has occurred. Under such circumstances, you are not required to email One Stop @ SAC.


Advice to finder of items on campus

  • If you know details (owner or issuing agency), you may, circumstances permitting, return the item directly to the owner or the issuing agency. Otherwise, please hand over any found item/s that does not belong to you to One Stop @ SAC (6592 3626) or the Campus Security, Office of Housing & Auxiliary Services (6790 5200) (North Spine NS1-B1-06), or the respective library counter if the item is found at any of the campus libraries.
  • You are advised not to keep a found item unless you have first taken reasonable steps to find the owner. If you fail to comply, you may subject yourself to possible liability of an offence of dishonest misappropriation of property under the Penal Code.
  • If you have reason/s to believe that an offence of theft or dishonest misappropriation of property has occurred, you are to report to the Police immediately. Campus Security will assist the police in their investigation. (Note: As per the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)'s directive, Campus Security is not authorized to show any CCTV recording to the complainant. The Police have jurisdiction over this matter.)


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