Graduating Students (Graduate Programme)

​Please ensure that you have a valid Pass at all times in Singapore. Overstaying is a punishable offence under the Immigration Act.


Under the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's (ICA) rules and regulations, international students must surrender their Student's Pass for cancellation within 7 days from the date of cessation or termination of their studies.


NTU informs ICA on your conferment and hence, you are required to surrender your Student's Pass within 7 days upon conferment.


  • If you are in Singapore, you can surrender your Pass along with the ICA cancellation form at the Student's Pass Unit, 4th floor, ICA Building. You will be issued with a short term Social Visit Pass (SVP) upon cancellation of the Pass. Please note that only ICA can determine the duration of the SVP issued to you.


  • If you have left Singapore, please courier your Pass along with a note indicating that you have completed your studies to ICA at the following address.


Head of Department

Student's Pass Unit (Cancellation of STP)

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

10 Kallang Road

Singapore 208718


Note for current Covid-19 situation:

Students leaving Singapore by 7 July 2020 or holding an expiring Student's Pass upon exiting Singapore, whichever date is the earlier, may surrender their STP to the immigration officer at the airport or checkpoints upon exiting Singapore.

To surrender the Student’s Pass in person at ICA Building, students need to submit a request. Only those who receive an approval appointment letter will be granted entry into the ICA Building.

Students without access to ICA premises may email the following details to for further assistance.

1. FIN:

2. Name as in Travel Document:

3. STP Expiry Date:

4. Travel Document Number:

5. Travel Document Expiry date:

6. Singapore Mobile Number:

7. Email:

8. Current Whereabouts is in Singapore : Y/N

Seeking Employment in Singapore

You may submit your application for a one-year (non-renewable) Visit Pass to ICA. Please visit the ICA website for more information. For further inquiries, kindly write in to


Expiring Student's Pass but have already submitted thesis

You may wish to note that One Stop @ SAC will not assist in extending your Student's Pass once you have submitted your thesis. We will only assist in the extension if a major amendment is required for your thesis.

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