The Nanyang Awards are given in recognition and celebration of the outstanding achievements and contributions of faculty, staff and students. The prestigious Awards were launched in 2005.

Recipients of Nanyang Awards will receive a Trophy, a Certificate of Commendation and Cash. Where the recipient is a team, each member of the team will receive a Certificate of Commendation. The cash portion of the Award will be shared among the team members.
For the Nanyang Research Award, Nanyang Research Award (Young Investigator) and Nanyang Award for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, recipients will also receive a Research/Entrepreneurship Grant which is to be used in the following year and shared by the team members, if applicable.


Nanyang Awards Trophy


The design of the Trophy is inspired by the outspread wings of an eagle in flight. The majesty, grace and power of the soaring eagle represent our desire to fulfill our mission in a borderless domain. The award symbolizes a deep sense of passion and a single-minded resolve to overcome obstacles and achieve excellence.


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