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This scheme is designed to help students to defray their overseas expenditure.



OSP Loan
  • Open to full-time NTU SBS-FYP undergraduates going for their overseas SBS-FYP Programme.
  • A student is only eligible for one OSP Loan during his/her course of study at NTU.
  • Students (except for GEM mobility programmes i.e. semester exchange or fee/study abroad) embarking on Fee-paying Scheme (i.e. students who undertake to apply to the host university on their own accord) are not eligible for the financial aid schemes here.
  • SPR/International students paying non-subsidised tuition fees are not eligible to apply.




Country of study / attachment

Max aid applicable


Singapore PR


OSP Loan




Oceania / US / Europe / Africa



For OSP Loan applicants

Guarantor Requirements

  1. One guarantor aged 21 to 60 years (based on the guarantor's age at the point of application), and not an un-discharged bankrupt.
  2. A loan applicant who is a:
    • Singaporean student to provide a Singaporean guarantor
    • Singapore Permanent Resident and International students to provide a Singaporean/Singapore Permanent Resident guarantor
  3. The guarantor must be gainfully employed.
  4. A student of Nanyang Technological University who satisfies (1) and (2) may also act as a guarantor. However, a student who is in the process of applying or holding Tuition Fee Loan / loan from CPF Education Scheme or any other form of loan should not stand as a guarantor.
  5. If the application for OSP loan is successful, the applicant and the guarantor have to be both present at NTU to sign the Loan Agreement.
  6. A person is discouraged from standing in for more than 2 loans in view of the financial implications.



  • Interest-free during course of study.
  • Interest will commence upon graduation.  Interest rate will be based on average prime lending rate of the 3 local banks (DBS, OCBC & UOB).



OSP Loan
  • Maximum loan period of 5 years.
  • Minimum repayment of $100 per month (monthly instalment of $100).
  • For Singaporean students, repayment to commence no later than 2 years after graduation or upon securing employment (whichever is earlier).
  • For Singapore PR and international students, repayment to commence no later than 3 months after graduation.
  • You may carry out a prepayment of your loan in part or in full any time without incurring any prepayment charges.


How to apply

  • You need not wait for your overseas programme outcome before applying.
    If you are offered the OSP loan, you have the choice to decline the OSP loan offer.
  1. Apply online through StudentLink during the financial aid application period
    • For NTU students, please login to StudentLink for application.
    • For  NIE students, please login to NIE StudentLink for application.
  2. Submit application form and supporting documents to One-Stop@SAC within 7 calendar days upon your online application.
  3. You will be informed of your financial aid application outcome 4 weeks after the closing date.
  4. For students who applied and are offered the OSP Loan
    • A loan offer will be sent to your NTU email account. You are required to click on the link provided in the email to indicate acceptance.
    • Within 2 weeks of your loan acceptance, NSS-Finance Office will contact you to arrange for both yourself and your guarantor to visit their office to sign the Loan Agreement.
    • After the Loan Agreement has been signed, NSS-Finance Office will release the loan amount (in one lump sum) to you when your overseas programme placement is confirmed. The office in charge of your overseas programme will update NSS-Finance Office once your overseas placement is confirmed.  


Application period 

  • AY2019/2020 Semester 2:  16 September 2019 to 27 September 2019

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