FAQ - Work Study Scheme (WSS)

1. How do I participate in the Work Study Scheme?

Details of the part time jobs available on campus will be posted in the Work Study Scheme system. You may login to StudentLink to view these jobs. If interested, click on the apply button to submit your application directly to the employers.

2. How do I get my pay after completing the job?

After you have completed the job, submit your claims online via the Part Time Student Assistants (PTSA) claims system under StudentLink.

When submitting your claims, you are to select the job reference number as provided to you by your employer.                

As payment is via GIRO to your bank account, you are required to complete a GIRO form and submit to your employer. This Giro arrangement need only be set up once for all future jobs.

​3. Can I submit my claims for payment before the job is fully completed?

You may negotiate with your employer to submit your claims on a weekly/monthly basis.


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