FAQ - Student Loan

1. What is Student Loan?

It is an interest free loan to assist full-time undergraduates should they have financial difficulties (i.e. Living Expenses, laptop/desktop purchases etc.) during the programme of study

2. Who is eligible to apply for Student Loan?

Full-time undergraduates of all nationalities whose monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) is less than or equal to S$2,250 or Gross Household Income (GHI) is less than or equal to S$9,000. Each student is limited to one Student Loan during his/her programme of study at the University.

3. Who is not eligible to apply for Student Loan?

Singapore Permanent Residents and International undergraduates paying non-subsidized tuition fees.

4. I am an international student and I am not able to find a SPR to stand in as my guarantor. May I still apply for the loan with a friend/relative who is a non-SG/non-SPR?

We will accept the guarantor only if your relative/friend is an SG or Singapore PR.

​5. May I change my Student Loan application after accepting the offer but before signing the loan agreement?

Yes, you may email your request to email: Finaid@ntu.edu.sg for consideration.

​6. Who will notify me of the application outcome?

The outcome of your Student Loan application will be informed via your NTU Student Email Account. Successful applicants are required to reply to Financial Aid (Finaid@ntu.edu.sg) to indicate their acceptance.

​7. When will the loan be disbursed?

The loan will only be disbursed once you have accepted the loan offer and signed the loan agreement with your guarantor.

Within 2 weeks of the Student Loan acceptance, NTU NSS-Finance office will contact you to arrange for you and your guarantor to sign the loan agreement at their office in NTU.

You may arrange with the NSS-Finance office for alternative dates to sign the loan agreement for yourself and your guarantor.

​8. When does the interest/repayments commence for the Student Loan?

The loan is interest free with repayments (instalments) commencing 3 months upon graduation over a period of 3 years. NTU NSS-Finance will inform you of the repayment commencement date.


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