FAQ-Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS)

1. If I am successful in my application for Mendaki subsidy, do I need to apply for the subsidy again every year?

You do not need to apply to Mendaki every year once the application is successful.

2. What do I do if I missed the application for Mendaki TTFS? 

You are to submit your application form together with the required documents to the organisation directly.

‚Äč3. If I am currently receiving Mendaki subsidy, and subsequently receive sponsorship to cover my tuition fees, how do I cancel my Mendaki application?

Please inform Mendaki as soon as possible to update them on your sponsorship status. You do not need to inform NTU as Mendaki will communicate this change to NTU.

4. How will I be informed of my application outcome? Do I need to update NTU?

Yayasan Mendaki will inform you of the outcome directly; and will update NTU if your application has been approved.


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