MOE Bursary For Part-time Students

​Who is eligible?

  • Part Time Programme: Only Singaporean students pursuing their first undergraduate degree part-time undergraduate degree course and receiving MOE Subsidy are eligible.
  • Students receiving the bursary must not concurrently hold other bursaries or scholarships.
  • Students taking only repeat modules in the semester are not eligible for the bursary for that semester.
  • NIE trainee teachers who are either drawing salary/stipend from MOE or paying non-subsidised tuition fees are not eligible to apply.
  • Gross Monthly Household Per Capita Income (PCI) of less than or equal to $2,250 per month or Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI) of less than or equal to $9,000.
  • A bursary may be awarded to you depending on your financial situation and criteria set down by MOE.


PCI  =

Gross income of family members in household 

Total number of family members in household 


               Gross income refers to amount before deduction of CPF. It includes allowances, overtime, commissions etc.




Gross Monthly Household Per Capita Income (PCI)




Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI)


​Less than or equal to $1725

Less than or equal to $6900

MOE Bursary $1350

$​1726 to $2250

$6901 to $9000

MOE Bursary $700

  • Bursary is tenable for one academic year. A fresh application is required each academic year
  • The funds will be released to you on a semester basis with half of the award value released in semester 1 and the remaining half released in semester 2 on condition that your student status is "Active" in the respective semesters (i.e. taking courses in NTU, on selected overseas programmes, not on Leave of Absence, have not graduated or have not withdrawn from NTU)


Not required.

How to apply

Application period for AY2020/2021

AY2020/2021 Application Period​Outcome
  • 2020 Freshmen (Singapore Citizens only)


  • Existing students (Singapore Citizens only)


​1 June 2020 to 15 August 2020​By mid-September 2020


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