Interlibrary Loan from other Libraries

​Interlibrary Loan provides access to materials not available at the Library. This service is available to users who need material for academic research projects or course-related assignments.
Eligible users

 This service is available to all:

  • Faculty and administrative staff, including SIMTech staff
  • Postgraduate students
  • Undergraduate students in their final year

Faculty, researchers and students of RSIS and NIE should use the interlibrary loan service offered by their respective libraries. 

Submitting a request

Undergraduate & Postgraduate students

Email ILL form to

Academic & Administrative staff

(Resource Request > Library Services > Interlibrary Loan)

Staff with no access to Stafflink

Email ILL form to

You are limited to 2 ILL items at any one time.

Turnaround time

Ranges from 3-7 working days. Hard-to-find items may take a longer time.  

You will be notified of the relevant charges.

Requesters are responsible for any damage, overdue fines or loss of books borrowed.

ILL items must be collected and returned promptly to the library.
Loan period

Loan period varies according to the lending institution but the loan for most items is 2–3 weeks.  All requests and renewals are subject to the approval of the lending library.

Information for other libraries


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