The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) 
catalyses and communicates cutting edge and groundbreaking science and mathematics studies by the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) research community. It acts as a facilitator for the exchange of ideas and views, and helps to establish collaboration between notable scientists and mathematicians from NTU with those abroad and in other institutions in Singapore.

On the education side, the Institute has inspired youths through its programs that allowed students to interact face-to-face with eminent scientists and mathematicians from around the world, so as to develop a better understanding of research, discovery, and innovation that also serve society.

The Institute:

  • Organizes interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research meetings (lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences) involving notable scientists and mathematicians which are led by NTU faculty.
  • Attracts outstanding early and mid-career researchers from leading institutions, operating at the cutting edge of their disciplines, to work collaboratively with NTU host faculty engaged in frontier science and mathematics research, via a two-way flow of inbound and outbound visiting fellows.
  • Organizes workshops on collaborative research, led by NTU faculty, with the view to developing major grant proposals.
  • Analyses, highlights, publishes and disseminates the research findings and outcomes of cutting edge and groundbreaking science and mathematics research from NTU.

In the process, IAS@NTU hopes to bring about more cutting edge and ground breaking science and mathematics research at NTU.

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