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NTU provides wide-ranging services for its staff. These are outlined below.

  • Employee Wellbeing Services:  The University, in line with the practices of other universities and with reference to broader societal development, encourages all employees, faculty, research and administration staff to take a proactive stance on self-care as well as caring for colleagues. Hence, as part of the suite of employee wellness programmes, a dedicated Employee Wellbeing Services has been set up on campus for the convenience of all employees.
  • Childcare services: There is a Learning Vision childcare centre on campus. It is housed in 2 spacious bungalows and boasts a large and well-equipped outdoor playground. The centre takes pride in conducting regular parent-centre activities to foster a strong collaborative partnership with its parents. It provides childcare services (from Toddler to Kindergarten 2) specially only to staff of the university. The centre was selected as one of Learning Vision’s Model Centre in 2000.
  • Campus Recreation & Wellness: CReW aims to foster a healthy and vibrant campus community at NTU. It organizes a variety of events and activities such as sports, social gatherings, cultural events and exercise classes to enhance campus life and also to promote interaction among faculty and staff. CReW also organizes regularly healthy lifestyle activities such as mass workouts, health screening and workshops/talks on healthy living for the benefit of all employees
  • Education Services Union: The ESU-NTU Staff Branch was given recognition on 31 May 2006 to represent specific classes of the non-faculty staff from the various schools and department of NTU and NIE.

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