​Recruitment for SPACE Study by Centre for Research in Child Development

Event start date: 07 Mar 2019 - Event end date: 31 Aug 2019


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Published on: 07-Mar-2019

​Dear colleagues

As part of Centre for Research in Child Development's (CRCD) ongoing efforts to further understand children's development, we are embarking on a research project led by Dr. Anne Rifkin-Graboi and Professor Daniel Ansari to understand the numerical and working memory capabilities in pre-schoolers. 

The study is a 2-year long study, and would consist of some computer and interactive activities for mum and child, as well as some questionnaires and interviews for the mum. At each time point, there will be some reimbursements for the mum, as well as a small gift for the child. As part of the study, we will be conducting the child friendly study on a sample of children aged between 4 years 4 months to 4 years 8 months. The study has undergone a stringent ethical procedure to ensure that our study follows the standard of ethics required of any institution doing research with young children.

Do feel free to contact Sameema (email: sameema.mohideen@nie.edu.sg / Whatsapp: 84546642) should there be any other clarifications required or if you would like to join the study.

The flyer is appended below for your information.


Office of Education Research, NIE/NTU


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