Students' Union and its Constituent Clubs

​​​​The Nanyang Technological University Students' Union (NTUSU) is the representative body of the students.

Membership of the Students' Union is confined to the following categories of students for whom membership is compulsory.

  1. Matriculated, full-time, undergraduate students of the University;
  2. Students not holding a Bachelor's degree who are reading a full-time course of study leading to a diploma, the duration of which is not less than two academic years and;
  3. Graduate students pursuing a full-time course of study leading to Postgraduate Diploma in Education, the duration of which is either one academic year or, in the case of a candidate specializing in Physical Education, two academic years.

The Union's works are driven by two main bodies and they are the NTUSU Council and NTUSU Executive Committee. The NTUSU Council is the legislative branch of the Union which drafts policies and ensures the policies proposed and executed by the Executive Committee are consistent with the objectives of the Union. The Executive Committee is the executive branch of the Union which plans and executes the policies.


You may find more information about the Union at


The Union consists of 16 academic constituent clubs and 3 non-academic constituent clubs. These are given below.

Academic Constituent Clubs

  • Accountancy & Business Club
  • Students' Art, Design and Media Club
  • Students' Asian School of the Environment Club
  • Biological Sciences Club
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Club
  • Communication and Information Club
  • Computer Science & Engineering Club
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Club
  • School of Humanities Club
  • School of Social Sciences Club
  • Students' Medical Society
  • Students' Materials Science and Engineering Club
  • Students' Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Club
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Club
  • Students' Physical & Mathematical Sciences Club
  • Trainee Teachers' Club

Non-Academic Constituent Clubs

Sub-clubs of CAC




Martial Arts


Sub-Clubs of Sports Club

Martial Arts

 Sea Sports

 Recreational Clubs

 Recreational Clubs

Service Opportunities in WSC

  • Regular Service Project - Elders
  • Regular Service Project - Friends of Children
  • Regular Service Project - Deaf Community
  • Regular Service Project - Intellectually Disabled
  • Regular Service Project - Visually Handicapped
  • Regular Service Project - Physically Challenged
  • Regular Service Project - Youth
  • Operation Hope (Service projects for children with terminal illnesses)
  • Volunteer Management (Adhoc projects for non-regular volunteers)

You may reach the Student Organisations HERE​.

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