Alumni Email Forwarding Service (AEFS)

This is a free service for NTU alumni to maintain a permanent email address with the University. When you register for this forwarding service, you specify an alias to be used as your permanent email address. All your emails will automatically be redirected to your preferred email address.

For example, all email to "" (permanent email address at AEFS) will be redirected to (personal email address).

To apply for email forwarding or change the forwarding address, you would need to login with your ASSOC network account. If you already have the account, please click here! If you do not know what is your network account, please click here for more information.

(For Class of 2020 alumni, please try to apply after 1 January 2021, as your domain will only be changed to ASSOC after 1 January 2021.)

For any enquiries, please drop us an email.

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