A number of Alumni Associations have been formed by alumni, grouping together either by School, Interest, Halls of Residence or Country. To view the names and contact details of all our Alumni Associations, please click on the respective section indicated on the menu on the left.

If you are thinking of starting a School-Based, Interest-Based or Halls of Residence-Based alumni association, you may contact Melissa at 65927545 or email her.

If you are keen on starting an overseas-based alumni association, you may contact Jensen at 67906769 or email him.



关于筹备成立按照院校成立按照兴趣成立各学生宿舍校友会的事项或想了解更多详情,请联络林金钰女士(电话: (65) 65927546)。

关于筹备成立海外校友会或想了解更多详情,请联络陈建昌先生(电话:(65) 67906769)。​

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