NTU Alumni Association (USA-West)

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​At the heart of the most innovative and high-tech area “Silicon Valley” (San Francisco Bay Area), we are a network of NTU alumni. We are part of a dynamic, busy and progressive culture of Silicon Valley, yet we are proud to maintain our NTU identity. We have a network of engineers, business leaders, finance professionals and innovators. Our intent is to maintain a strong presence of the NTU alumni network at the USA West Coast Region and enhance our network reach and activities as the NTU Alumni Association (USA-West).

You will receive information on the activities organised if your active email address is updated with us. If you are not receiving the information, kindly update your information here.

NTU Alumni Association (USA-West)
Mr Myo Thu
Tel: (1-510)​​8136000
Number of alumni in USA-West 在美国西部的校友人数: 911

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