NTU Alumni Association (Zhejiang)


NTU Alumni Association (Zhejiang) is a voluntary overseas chapter formed by NTU alumni in the Zhejiang province, guided by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office.

Founded in 2009, the AA has over a thousand of members. The members include those who have obtained bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees or doctoral degrees in NTU as well as those local government officials and senior banking management personnel of Zhejiang Province who have attended short executive courses in NTU.

At present, its members are working in institutions of higher learning, high-tech research institutes, new and high-tech enterprises, local government departments, financial and banking institutions. Due to the high level of economic and social development in Zhejiang Province, more NTU alumni in Zhejiang prefer to take the road of innovation and entrepreneurship. Currently, there are a dozen alumni-owned enterprises in the technological, electronics, logistics, bio medicine, and high-end equipment manufacturing fields as well as other fields of science and technology. And amongst them, a few enterprises or companies have also been listed on the stock exchange.

The President of the AA is Mr Zhou Junlin, the Founding Partner of Hangzhou City Innovo Technology & Investment Management Corporation.

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NTU Alumni Association (Zhejiang) 
Mr Zhou Junlin 周俊麟会长
Tel: (86) 13989818100
Number of alumni in Zhejiang 在浙江的校友人数: 1647


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