NTU Alumni Association (Xinjiang)

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​NTU Alumni Association (Xinjiang) was officially launched in Urumqi on 18 November 2012 with support from the NTU Alumni Affairs Office (AAO). Mr Peng Shiqun was elected as President of the First Committee of the Association.

Presently, the AA has 169 members who are mostly leaders of the local government departments and Xinjiang Construction Corps as well as those working in the banks and universities. In August 2015, the Second Committee of the Association was elected with 20 Members.

Looking back on the past, the experience of studying in NTU has left many fond memories for NTU’s alumni in Xinjiang. The formation of NTUAA (Xinjiang) has not only provided a chance to build a platform for carrying forward the NTU Spirit,  but has also served as a link for strengthening ties among fellow alumni as well as an important bridge between alumni and their alma mater. The AA will make full use of Xinjiang’s core position in the “One Belt One Road” Economic Strategy, integrate the alumni’s resources and work hard in assisting the fellow alumni in their personal career development.You will receive information on the activities organised if your active email address is updated with us.

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NTU Alumni Association (Xinjiang) 
Mr Liu Shaoshan 刘绍山会长
Number ​of alumni in Xinjiang 在新疆的校友人数: 206

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