NTU Alumni Association (Tianjin)


​Formed on 31 May 2010, NTU Alumni Association (Tianjin) now has many members who are active in the fields of education, science and technology, finance and municipal government departments. The AA was the 16th AA set up in China by the University, and is also the 22nd overseas alumni chapter set up by NTU globally. The AA’s founding President was Mr Zhang Weili, CEO of Nankai Yun Gong Group in Tianjin City, while the current President is Mr Gao Hui, Chairman of Zhong Yi Anke Biotechnology Co. Ltd in Tianjin City.
NTUAA (Tianjin) aims to strengthen friendship among fellow alumni and enhance the spirit of mutual-help and fraternity, so that even after graduation from NTU, the alumni continue to maintain close ties with each other. The AA has supported the organisation of regular alumni events in the city, such as forums, golf tournaments, group celebrations during the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) and sports competitions, thus deepening the friendship and links among fellow NTU alumni in Tianjin. The AA has also actively organised group visits to other provinces in China as well as overseas goodwill visits to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia, allowing members the opportunity to establish contacts or strengthen their ties with other fellow alumni.

NTUAA (Tianjin) also acts as a bridge between the alumni and their alma mater, NTU, thus strengthening the bond. Having a close link with its members, the AA regularly updates its members on NTU’s new developments and alumni news, thus rendering its strong support to the continued development of the University. 

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NTU Alumni Association (Tianjin) 
Mr Gao Hui  高辉会长
Number ​of alumni in Tianjin 在天津的校友人数: 422

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