NTU Alumni Association (Shanxi)

​Since its formation in 2012, the NTU Alumni Association (Shanxi), with the strong support of its members and with its aim of “Loving our Alma Mater, Serving the Country, Enhancing Friendship and Promoting Development”, has been organising various alumni activities and social events for its fellow alumni. Furthermore, its members have been putting in the efforts to work on China’s major political and economic strategy of “One Belt One Road”. They have been making their own contributions to “link the East and the West”.

You will receive information on the activities organised if your active email address is updated with us. If you are not receiving the information, kindly update your information here.

南洋理工大学山西校友会自2012年成立以来,在多位校友鼎力支持下,秉承 “爱校、报国、联谊、发展” 之理念。众校友积极参与各类校方活动及校友联谊活动,并在各自领域内辛勤耕耘,同时结合中国一带一路大政,为连接东西、纵贯海内外做出相应贡献。


NTU Alumni Association (Shanxi) 
Mr Wang Hairong 王海荣会长
Tel: (65) 96312​​873 / (86)13931610258
Number of alumni in Shanxi 在山西的校友人数: 302

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