NTU Alumni Association (Shanghai)

​Founded in 2006, NTU Alumni Association (Shanghai) was the first NTU alumni chapter formed in China.

Since its founding, the AA has altogether more than two thousand members who are working in local government departments, financial and investment institutions, law firms, technological, manufacturing, educational and cultural fields. They are NTU alumni who have made great contributions to the development of Shanghai in the past years. 

In the past 10 years, the successive Presidents and Committee Members of the AA, with the concept of serving the fellow alumni well and giving back to their alma mater, have actively organised various alumni events and developed the AA into a valuable networking platform for NTU alumni to stay connected. 

At present, the AA has a badminton team, dance and reading groups, and also information websites as well as a WeChat group. Every year, the AA would organise a large-scale annual gathering for NTU alumni.  

In 2017, with the growing number of NTU alumni in Shanghai, the NTUAA (Shanghai) is determined to improve and further strengthen the ties and friendship among fellow alumni.

You will receive information on the activities organised if your active email address is updated with us. If you are not receiving the information, kindly update your information here.







NTU Alumni Association (Shanghai) 
Mr Shen Genlin 沈根林会长
Tel: (86) 13681633333
Numbe​​r of alumni in Shanghai 在上海的校友人数: 2087
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