NTU Alumni Association (Inner Mongolia)

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​Founded on 26 June 2011, NTU Alumni Association (Inner Mongolia) currently has 23 committee members, who are pursuing careers in government departments, financial institutions, educational institutions and business circles. They have shown outstanding performances in various fields of work. AA President Mr Liang Chun is the Chief Partner of Da Hua Accounting Firm, one of the four major accounting firms in China.

Inner Mongolia has a vast territory with an area of 1,183,000km2 but with a small population of 28million. Its leading industries include animal husbandry, dairy industry, ecological restoration, tourism, energy, agriculture and traditional Sino-Mongolian medicine, all of which have great potential.

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南大内蒙古校友会成立于2011年6月26日, 目前有理事成员23人,各位校友任职于政府部门、金融机构、教育和企业界,在各个领域都有杰出表现。会长梁春,是中国本土第四大会计师事务所大华会计师事务所的首席合伙人,秘书长郝艳涛控制并参股了三家新三板上市公司。



NTU Alumni Association (Inner Mongolia) 
Mr Dou Baocheng 窦宝成会长
Tel: (86)13904772588
Number of alumni in Inner Mongolia 在内蒙古的校友人数: 182

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