NTU Alumni Association (Hunan)

​The NTU Alumni Association (Hunan) has many members who are from the finance industry and government sector. Under the AA President Ms Jiang Tang’s leadership, members in the AA work closely and have a strong bond. The AA hosts alumni events frequently to better serve alumni residing in the province.

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新加坡南洋理工大学湖南校友会现有多名校友分布于各金融系统,党政机关各个领域。 大家在赵湘蓉会长的带领下,紧密团结,经常组织活动,校友会氛围浓厚。


NTU Alumni Association (Hunan) 
Ms Jiang Tang 蒋棠会长
Tel: (86)13787286268
Number of alumni in Hunan 在湖南的校友人数: 1056


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