NTU Alumni Association (Henan)


​Officially launched in 2010, NTU Alumni Association (Henan) is located in Zhengzhou city and is now headed by Mr Shi Xiangang. Since its establishment, the AA has been holding annual meetings regularly every year, discussing on how best to develop and revitalise Henan Province, and producing ideas and plans for developing their respective hometowns. The AA has also put in effort to strengthen the relationship between certain universities in Henan and NTU in Singapore for cooperation in education and developing schools. It has also built a platform for exchange and cooperation between the two sides, so that NTU can provide intellectual support to Henan in the latter’s development.

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NTU Alumni Association (Henan) 
Mr Shi Xiangang 史先刚会长
Mobile : (86)13733898099​​
Number of alumni in Henan 在河南的校友人数: 443
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