NTU Alumni Association (Guangxi)


NTU Alumni Association (Guangxi) was founded in 2011 by NTU alumni in Guangxi.

At present, the AA has many registered alumni members who are working in local government departments, institutions and enterprises. Its present President, Mr Zhang Ming is a prominent business person in Guangxi.

Taking the concept of serving fellow alumni as its main purpose, the AA has been leveraging on NTU’s resources and constantly strengthening its ties with fellow NTU alumni. It has dedicated itself in assisting the alumni in their career development. The AA is cooperating with the other AAs to jointly serve fellow NTU alumni, the society, and the University.

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NTU Alumni Association (Guangxi)
Mr He Xiguang 何锡光会长
Mobile: (86)13977195656
Number of alumni in Guangxi 在广西的校友人数: 1303

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