NTU Alumni Association (Guangdong)


​NTU Alumni Association (Guangdong) comprises of members who are working as financial professionals, investment experts, entrepreneurs, scholars, professional technical personnel, government officials, and more. In late 2016, the Shenzhen City Sub-Chapter affiliated to the Association was formed. With the principle of “integrating alumni resources and serving our fellow alumni well”, the AA has exerted great efforts in building a networking platform for the interactions between our fellow alumni and their alma mater.

The AA also signed a strategic partnership with NTUitive in 2015, to introduce NTU’s innovative technology and projects to the Chinese market. Furthermore, it has also set up South China Centre in Zhuhai City for bringing in NTU’s innovative technology to China, while developing South China Centre as an entrepreneurial and investment platform for fellow NTU alumni.

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NTU Alumni Association (Guangdong)
Mr Zeng P​eng 曾鹏会长
Mobile: (86)13332897988
Number of alumni in Guangdong 在广东的校友人数: 3081
​NTU Alumni Association (Guangdong)’s Shenzhen subcommittee
南大广东校友会 - 深圳分会
Dr Yuan Hai 袁海会长
Mobile: (86)15999688826
NTU Alumni Association (Guangdong)’s Shenzhen subcommittee
南大广东校友会 - 深圳分会
Mr Zeng Baoqing 曾宝庆秘书长
Secretary General
Mobile: (86)18688826051

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