NTU Alumni Association (Gansu)

NTU Alumni Association (Gansu) is an AA for enhancing fellowship and academic exchange formed by NTU alumni in Gansu Province. Officially launched in March 2011, the present President of the Association is Mr Li Peixing, Director of Silver Corporation. The registered alumni members live in 14 cities and prefectures of the province and work in the fields of education, economy, engineering, management, environmental protection and other fields and industries. They are NTU graduates of Masters in Managerial Economics, Masters in Public Administration, Executive MBA, Masters in Education Management, and MSc in Technopreneurship & Innovation Programme.

Since its founding, the Association, with its guiding ideologies, has made positive contributions in enhancing the ties among alumni, improving the interactions between alumni and NTU, strengthening NTU’s name in Gansu and promoting the development of our fellow alumni and Gansu Province.

You will receive information on the activities organised if your active email address is updated with us. If you are not receiving the information, kindly update your information here.


南大甘肃校友会成立后,秉持 “依托南大、扎根陇原、服务校友、繁荣甘肃” 的理念,推动校友联谊、促进母校和校友互动,扩大南大影响,推动校友为甘肃的发展做出了积极贡献,成为联系南大校友、母校以及社会各界的重要桥梁和纽带。


NTU Alumni Association (Gansu)
Number of alumni in Gansu 在甘肃的校友人数: 360


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