Vibrant student life

A vibrant campus experience like no other.

On campus, academic life is complemented by Student Life – learning beyond the curriculum.

It entails a willingness to try something new – to develop new skills, discover new interests and make new friends. The philosophy of NTU Student Life is easily summarised. NTU students are valued members of the campus community. Each and every student is a co-owner, co-creator and co-driver of the NTU Student Experience.

With a student population of 34,000, NTU buzzes with cultural, social, intellectual, sporting and recreational activities all year round. There are about 120 clubs and societies run by students.

NTU helps students overcome any challenges they may face. Through the Campus Community Approach to Student Health and Wellbeing, students will get the support and advice they need in diverse areas such as health, time management, relationships and financial and living arrangements.

Students are encouraged to come together and make a difference. Through joining clubs or starting and leading their own special interest groups, they learn how to think through issues that affect others and come up with creative solutions.

For example, student leaders are consulted on important areas that affect academic and campus life. Through this process, they gain insight into the strategies of the university leadership and other management matters. They hone their leadership and communication skills, developing that extra edge that will serve them well when they graduate.

To succeed in a multicultural environment, intercultural competence is a must. At NTU’s residential campus where more than 100 nationalities are represented, students work and play in culturally-diverse groups. Through these interactions and programmes that enhance inter-cultural skills, they develop cultural sensitivity and learn to appreciate differences and respect others.

With seven in ten NTU undergraduates going abroad for exchange, internships and other global programmes, learning truly takes on an international dimension.

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