The 5Cs of an NTU graduate


By the time a student leaves the university, he or she will understand the importance of ethical reasoning and social responsibility in a world that depends on integrity and good moral character for its continued survival and success.

Creativity is not just about sitting in a corner of the campus dreaming up the next big thing. That mindblowing idea can only materialise when there is an understanding of societal needs, entrepreneurship and innovation, coupled with the ability to work in teams to find solutions that lie between the boundaries of different fields.

Competence takes on an entirely different meaning with the emphasis on self-discipline, depth of knowledge, intercultural competence and lifelong learning.

The ability to convey ideas and information across different platforms is a critical skill for any graduate and community leader. Students will have opportunities to hone their communication skills through leadership and group work, developing mutual respect along the way.

To thrive in a community without borders, they must also have qualities like civic-mindedness, professionalism and global understanding. Socially engaged, they will readily contribute to the greater good of society.

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