Preparing students for the working world


Today’s digital and globalised world demands new ways of learning.

Two paradigm shifts affecting institutions of higher learning are taking place. One involves the world of work, the other the world of learning.

Employers these days prefer to hire graduates who have the skills to excel in the 21st century. Professional knowledge and competence alone are not enough. There is also a demand for soft skills such as the ability to communicate effectively and work seamlessly across global, multicultural teams. The ability to keep on learning is also highly prized.

The way students learn is changing. Today’s students are active learners who are adept at using tools of the digital age to acquire knowledge – something unimaginable just a few years ago. Today’s learners are part of what the online Urban Dictionary refers to as the EPIC Generation, who “are experiential, participatory, image-driven and connected”.

In light of these two major trends, NTU retooled its curriculum to instil attributes it considers important for success in the workplace. Besides gaining the competitive edge, NTU students benefit from a satisfying and engaging university experience.

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