New ways of learning


Learning in a collaborative, technology-rich setting.

The learning experience has been rebooted to give students more opportunities to discuss, debate and develop ideas with their peers and professors.

Traditional university lecture rooms with all students facing a single lecturer are on their way out. At NTU, seminar and tutorial rooms are being converted into spaces that support peer-based interactive learning in small groups. Each room has facilities such as movable furniture, electronic white boards, multiple LCD screens and various wireless communication tools.

A centrepiece of this learning evolution is The Hive. Not just an architectural icon with a distinctive look, it supports learning within and beyond the curriculum. As a 24/7 meeting point for all students, it has the larger mission of bringing people and their ideas together.

A dedicated writing and communication centre is housed in The Hive. There, students can receive a personal coaching on presenting their ideas and thoughts succinctly and with impact,
so they can become better communicators. A library outpost that blends seamlessly with the surrounding learning and recreational spaces has also been set up.

E-learning anywhere, anytime is the buzz phrase. Using electronic clickers, students can simultaneously respond to questions posed in class, so their lecturers get instant feedback on the effectiveness of
learning activities.

Pushing ahead on this front, NTU has formed a task force to harness new learning technologies and recommend strategic moves to be ahead of the e-learning curve.

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