Achieving teaching excellence


   Learning in and outside the classroom, mentored by top-notch faculty.

Every member of the university faculty is both a researcher and teacher, creating new knowledge and sharing it. Equal emphasis is placed on research and teaching performance in faculty appraisal.

Awards are given out at both the college and university levels to recognise outstanding teaching practices and to encourage faculty to implement teaching innovations.

A teaching excellence academy is set up to recognise the winners as Fellows, uplifting their status as great teachers. The academy also organises events and conduct classes at the Master’s level to promote good teaching.

All new faculty take a foundation course in university learning and teaching soon after joining the university. To ensure teaching staff are kept current with the latest developments in education and learning, NTU runs courses and workshops for them in areas such as new teaching and learning technologies and tools, and presentation and communication skills.

Grants are awarded to faculty who wish to raise the bar in teaching through research in instruction and learning. The results of their efforts are shared university-wide.

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