The '3C' of NTU Education

The NTU Education aims to inculcate in all NTU graduates the desired attributes of Cognitive Agility, Character and Competence or the 3 'C's.

The 3 'C's in the NTU 2025 Education Strategy underpin what we aspire to achieve in our continual pursuit of providing a holistic learning education – one that transcends the traditional boundaries of disciplines, addresses the nexus between theoretical and practical learning, develops "hard skills" and "soft skills", through what is learnt from the curriculum and co-curriculum, using the mixed modalities of face-to-face classes and online/virtual ones, with local on-campus and overseas experiences, and learning that does not stop at graduation but continues beyond graduation.

This entails having a flexible interdisciplinary curriculum design that encourages student-driven learning, an inter-linked curricular and co-curricular programme that is experiential and collaborative, that helps develop innovative pedagogy/andragogy that supports the development and attainment of the 3 'C's for all students. In particular, Cognitive Agility refers to a mindset and way of thinking that focuses on attributes which are critical to Industry 4.0 and ensures that NTU graduates can adapt quickly to the rapidly-changing demands of the future workplace and society.

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